Time & Distance of Farming

By January 7, 2012General

I’ll apologize in advance for the tone of this entry.  Recent events have made me view things a bit differently about the time and distance of the farm.  Additionally I have not written lately, so I wanted to touch base over recent events.

On December 20th I had received a call that my mother had been rushed to emergency.  I jumped into our car at 4am to make the 5-1/2 hour drive to Northern California.  By the time I had driven two hours, I found out that my mother had died.  I had missed the opportunity to say goodbye to the woman I loved most in the world.

The one thing we don’t realize, as we plan on living a rural lifestyle is that not only are we leaving behind the bustling cities, but we leave behind loved ones who choose to live in those cities.

After the whirl of funeral arrangements, memorial, and the family activity of writing my mother’s obituary, my return to the remoteness of the farm was both a comfort and a curse.  It was Christmas Eve, the house was dark and cold without a single gift under the tree.  Our family made it through primarily by voicing our gratitude for each other over an intimate and lovingly prepared dinner.

There are choices we make in life.  If choosing to life a rural and sustainable lifestyle is yours then keep in mind the distance and time of farming.

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